The International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers

bringing together the world’s wildlife cinematographers since 1982

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The IAWF is proud to be affiliated with the Guild of Television Camera Professionals

About the IAWF

Wildlife cinematography is a highly specialised field where people commonly work in isolation for prolonged periods.

The IAWF was formed in 1982 to foster communication and collaboration among camera people (and at the time sound recordists) who made the majority or all of their income from acquiring natural history content for broadcast media.

Earlier in its history the IAWF worked to neogotiate rates and contractual terms with organisations such as the BBC Natural History Unit. The IAWF will continue to represent the best interests of wildlife cinematographers in whatever ways it can. Many of our members contributed financially to this Rates Survey by KMG Management, the most comprehensive survey specific to wildlife cinematographers to date. Many of us also shared our experiences for the drafting of a Freelance Terms and Conditions document, also by KMG Management.

IAWF commits to deploying its resources for the professional assemblance of data to assist its members in the fields of rates and terms and conditions of contracts.

The IAWF also encourages the sharing of knowledge on all aspects of wildlife filming.

IAWF promotes the work of its members through this website, Instagram, Facebook, other social media outlets, the GTC website and GTC publications.

IAWF members are proud to uphold ethical standards with regard to the welfare of their subject matter and in their work.

Rates Survey

The figures in the rates table have been compiled from the largest third party survey
of wildlife cinematographers ever undertaken. 174 people responded, which
must represent a significant proportion of professionals shooting wildlife films
for a living.

IAWF Committee

The IAWF committee comprises volunteers from our membership.

  • Chair – Graham Hatherley
  • Vice Chair – Graham Horder
  • Skip Hobbie
  • James Aldred
  • Gavin Thurston
  • Sue Gibson
  • Robin Smith
  • Andy Shillabeer
  • Mark Payne-Gill
  • Will Goldenberg
  • Simon Vacher

IAWF Secretary

  • Katie-Marie Goodwright