Barrie Britton

I have been a wildlife cinematographer for over 30 years, specialising in long lens filming of animal behaviour. I love filming birds and have particular expertise in hide work and filming birds in flight. I initially trained at the BBC Natural History Unit on a camera bursary and have since worked on many of the BBC’s award-winning wildlife series. These include The Trials of Life, Wildlife on One, Life and The Life of Birds, as well as Planet Earth series I, II and III. Memorable sequences include golden eagles predating demoiselle cranes in the Himalayas for Planet Earth, a great grey owl flying through falling snow for Frozen Planet, the swifts of Iguazu Falls for Seven Worlds, One Planet and golden eagles fighting in snow for Planet Earth II and Hostile Planet. I have contributed to series which have won or been nominated for Emmys and BAFTAs for Cinematography.
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Barrie Britton - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

Planet Earth III BBC 2023

Contributed to Coasts, Deserts & Grasslands and Extremes Episodes

Queens - Wildstar/National Geographic 2024

Contributed to Mountain Queens Episode

Seven Worlds, One Planet BBC 2019

Contributed to Europe and South America Episodes

skills list

Animal Behaviour, Extreme Environments, Field Craft, Filming Flight Scenes, Filming Primate Social Behaviour, Hide Work, Slow motion (Phantom Cameras), Long Lens, Red Cameras
contact - Barrie Britton
cell: +44 (0)7792 269861