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Barrie Britton has been a wildlife cameraman for over 30 years specialising in animal behaviour with a particular passion for filming birds. After studying zoology at university he joined the BBC Natural History Unit and was awarded a trainee cameraman bursary. He has been working as a freelance cameraman since 1986, filming in many different habitats around the world from the arctic to tropical rain-forests. He has worked on some of the BBC’s most prestigious series including The Trials of Life, Wildlife on One and The Life of Birds. Over the last decade Barrie Britton has been one of the principal contributing cameramen for the BBC’s award-winning high definition series Planet Earth, Galapagos, Life and Frozen Planet. More recently he has filmed for the Arctic episode of The Hunt, Planet Earth II, the BBC's Wild Brazil, Great Bear Stakeout and Mexico (Earth's Festival of Life) series, gaining expertise with Red, Phantom, Sony F55 and Panasonic Varicam cameras.
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