Hugh Miller

I'm an underwater cameraman with a post-grad background in marine biology. I worked as a camera assistant for several years on productions such as Planet Earth, Oceans and Life before then shooting sequences for Life, and subsequently Frozen Planet, Desert Seas (Nat Geo), Africa and Wild Arabia. I have pretty extensive diving experience, with several hundred dives under ice, and hundreds of hours on various types of rebreathers. I've shot 3D underwater with housed mirror rigs (for The Bachelor King - Sky3D), underwater super high speed on sailfish and great whites. I've also built under ice sets for tank based macro work. I have also spent way too much time developing long exposure, synched light source, multi-camera underwater timelapse rigs. Still working on an acronym for that. The majority of my work has been bluechip wildlife for television and film but I enjoy presenter documentary work and the chance, occasionally, not to go underwater.
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