Justin Maguire

Justin Maguire

Justin Maguire is a multi award winning natural history cinematographer with over thirty years film experience. He has worked on numerous landmark Wildlife TV series in over 40 countries on all 7 continents. Justin’s multiple skills allow him to film anything from ants to elephants, from the Arctic to the Sahara. Although most of his work is pure blue chip natural history, he also has extensive experience filming human stories. His technical experience including, Infra-red, thermal imaging, high speed, time-lapse, motion control, Shotover, GSS, Cineflex, drone, gimbal, long lens, macro and studio work on formats including digital, 3D IMAX, 35mm, 16mm and HD. Justin was born in South Africa, grew up in Cape Town, after which he spent many years split between the UK and South Africa. He now lives in Vancouver, Canada. Recent work includes unreleased production for Wildstar, (Nat Geo), Silverback, (Disney Nature), Wildspace (Netflix) and River Road Films (CBC/PBS)
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Justin Maguire - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

BBC Planet Earth III

Ep 6, Extremes - Monarch Butterflies, Ep 7, Human, Vertical Gardens

Disney+ / National Geographic (Wildstar Prod)- America the Beautiful

Ep 1 - Land of Heroes - Dolphins, Ep 5 - Heartland - Niagara, Salamander & Pitcher plant

Apple TV (Plimsoll Prod) - Tiny World

Season 2, Ep 2, A significant portion of the episode including road runner, rattle snake, gila monster, pack rat & scenics

skills list

3D, 70mm IMAX, Adventure Filming, Aerial, Animal Behaviour, Astronomy, Arriflex cameras, Birds in Flight, Blue & Green Screen Filming, Boat Work, Camera Traps, Cineflex, Data Wrangling and workflow, Canon Cameras, Diving Qualifications, Drone Operator, Expedition, Extreme Environments, Field Craft, First Aid Qualifications, Gimbal Filming (Ronin etc.), Hand Held Filming, Hide Work, Slow motion (Phantom Cameras), Image Intensifiers and high sensitivity cameras, Jib and Dolly, Long Lens, Low Light, Macro Studio, Macro Location, Motion Control, Night Filming, Observational Documentary, Panasonic Cameras, Phantom Cameras, Periscopes, Platform work, Time Lapse, Remotely Operated Cameras, Red Cameras, Selex Camera (Thermal Imaging), Set Building, Shooting Director, Shotover and other heavy gimbal work, Sony Cameras, Sound Recording, Steadicam, Sync and Crew Filming, Thermal Imaging, Working at Height
contact - Justin Maguire
landline: +1 604 990 1045
cell: (+WhatsApp) +1 778 968 1517