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Mauricio Handler

Producer, DP / Cinematographer. Since the launch of his production company Aquaterrafilms in 2012, Mauricio has created hard to get sequences for the top players in todays broadcast world including, HBO Max, Curiosity Stream, Wildspace, ZDF/ARTE, Netflix, BBC and BBC Science, Rolex, National Geographic, Curiosity Stream, ESPN and CNN. He is an underwater specialist with extensive surface / long lens experience who also incorporates drones (FAA UAV USA), sliders, lights, underwater scooters and re-breathers to help him bring a cinematic look to productions challenges. Over the past five years, Mauricio has Executive Produced and Co-Produced his own films including the mini series, World of Oceans and Ocean Secrets as well as The Humboldt Current (Curiosity stream / Off the Fence /HBO. His latest contribution as underwater DP / Self Shooter recently aired on the CNN Original Series, Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World, CNN’s first commission into the natural history genre produced by Plimsol, UK. Together with his wife and business partner Julia, he is currently editing the first episode of their their new series North American Waters. Aquaterrafilms is based in Maine,USA but most of Mauricio’s professional credits and extensive 6k motions library has been produced Internationally with particular focus in Chile. Mauricio is a bi-lingual and dual national of Chile and USA. In 2025 He and his English wife, will be re-locating back to England to continue their work but closer to family.
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Mauricio Handler - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

NorthAmerican Waters Ep1 “ Arrivals” (2024)

Aquaterrafilms Productions / USA Arrivals, currently in edit, is the Pilot episode for what I hope will be a 3-5 part mini series on NorthAmerican Waters including Streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, estuaries and coastal oceans. This ambitious mini series will be Aquaterrafilms first full solo production. Series Executive Producer, Producer, DP

Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World 2022 (video above) - Plimsoll UK for CNN Special Series

Ep 2: Fyordlands and Ep 6: A Year in the Wild. Narrated by Pablo Pascal. Mauricio Handler: underwater DP - surface self-shooter - on camera talent

The Humboldt Current 2022 (video above) - HBO/Curiosity Stream 3x52 mini series

A Visionhawk FIlms / Aquaterrafilms / NEDO producciones co- Production. Mauricio Handler: Co- Executive Producer - Co-Producer - Underwater DP

skills list

Adventure Filming, Aerial, Animal Behaviour, Diving Qualifications, Drone Operator, Expedition, Extreme Environments, Long Lens, Macro Location, Red Cameras, Shooting Director, Shotover and other heavy gimbal work, Underwater Filming
contact - Mauricio Handler
cell: (and WhatsApp) +1 207-504-0733