Michael Male - wildlife cinematographer

Michael Male

Michael Male is a natural history cinematographer for hire based on the east coast of the United States. He has worked around the world. In the 1980s and 90s he produced, shot and edited films for PBS and National Geographic with Judy Fieth, his partner. In the 90s through 2000s he and Judy self-produced and distributed a series of filmed guides to the birds of North America with intimate behavioural sequences of each species. They’ve continued to work together on this series, as well as producing and editing venue based films. Michael freelances for other producers, filming macro and long lens behavioural sequences for television series: The Life of Birds, Triumph of Life, Life of Mammals, Blue Planet, Planet Earth, PBS Nature, Life in Cold Blood, Life, Earth From Space, Frozen Planet 2, Tiny Worlds, Green Planet, America the Beautiful, and Planet Insect all feature his work. More recent work is under NDA. During the last decade he has filmed long term for several theatrical 3D IMAX productions including: Backyard Wilderness, Wings Over Water, Wonders of the Arctic and Jane Goodall’s Reasons for Hope. For these productions the goal is very much an immersive experience for the audience. Though his first professional experience was six months camped in arctic wilderness filming large mammals for Incredible Journey of the Caribou, Michael mostly gets hired for long lens work with birds, and macro filming of small animals, in-the-wild or on carefully built sets. He is equipped accordingly with probes, macro and extreme macro lenses, LED lighting, motion control and custom built filming tanks and floating hides. Michael enjoys problem solving.
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Michael Male - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

Animal Homes

Filmed for PBS. 2 programmes shot in Uruguay and Canada. Was supplied with a brief outline of what was required and then fulfilled the brief.

Planet Earth

For BBC Earth. Cicada sequence (see clip). For this sequence the producer, Mark Linfield, was with me and an AC on location for the first few weeks then an AP and myself did the last few weeks.

Frozen Planet 2

BBC. Frozen painted turtles defrosting back to life (see clip). I discussed the scene with the producer at length on Zoom but on location had only an AC and the scientific adviser for the 3 weeks or so the scene took.

skills list

3D, Animal Behaviour, Arriflex cameras, Birds in Flight, Blue & Green Screen Filming, Microscopy, Expedition, Extreme Environments, Field Craft, Hand Held Filming, Hide Work, Slow motion (Phantom Cameras), Image Intensifiers and high sensitivity cameras, Jib and Dolly, Long Lens, Low Light, Macro Studio, Macro Location, Medical and Scientific, Motion Control, Night Filming, Observational Documentary, Phantom Cameras, Periscopes, Platform work, Time Lapse, Remotely Operated Cameras, Red Cameras, Set Building, Shooting Director, Sound Recording, Sync and Crew Filming, Time Slice, Working at Height
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