Robert Hofmeyr

Robert Hofmeyr

I’m a South African natural history cameraperson. My company is called Moving Pictures Africa. Most of my work is for smaller international projects on which I do all the planning, logistics and filming. When I don’t have paying work, I often embark on self-funded filming trips around Africa to add to my stock library. On these trips I am usually accompanied by my brother-in-law Andy, and we sometimes also make Youtube videos about our experiences travelling in Africa, filming wildlife, camping etc. Follow my videos here on YouTube: I studied Fine Arts (BA) at the University of Cape Town and Zoology and Mathematics (non-degree purposes) at UNISA. I worked in music and corporate video production in Cape Town for many years before moving to Hermanus, South Africa. I have my own Red V-Raptor 8K camera kit, custom filming Land Cruiser, and camping trailer so I am able to film anywhere in Southern Africa at very competitive rates. Over the past few years I have primarily been filming in Botswana and focussing on African cats. As such I have mostly been doing long lens work from vehicles. I also hold a South African CAA Remote Pilot License.
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Robert Hofmeyr - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

Caracal - Lone Cat Society

For Saint Thomas Productions, 2023 (Director of Photography)

My Wild Cats

For Saint Thomas Productions, 2023 (Lions, caracals, cheetahs and servals - interviews and wild cat sequences)

Unexpected Dogs

ARTE G.E.I.E. for Mona Lisa Productions, 2022 (Filming wild dog sequence)

skills list

Aerial, Animal Behaviour, Birds in Flight, Blackmagic cameras, Camera Traps, Canopy Access filming, Data Wrangling and workflow, Canon Cameras, Digital Editing (Avid, Final Cut etc), Drone Operator, Expedition, Extreme Environments, Field Craft, Gimbal Filming (Ronin etc.), Hand Held Filming, Hide Work, Slow motion (Phantom Cameras), Jib and Dolly, Long Lens, Macro Location, Night Filming, Panasonic Cameras, Time Lapse, Remotely Operated Cameras, Red Cameras, Set Building, Shooting AP, Shooting Director, Sound Recording
contact - Robert Hofmeyr
cell: WhatsApp: +27 82 883 2274