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Robin is an award winning, documentary Director of Photography with a background in mainly natural history, wildlife photography and specialist factual documentaries. His work to date has taken him around the world, filming in locations ranging from the Siberian Arctic to the Kalahari desert, for all major broadcasters. He has close to twenty years experience behind the lens, and more than one hundred broadcast TV credits, working as both a sync cameraman on presenter and character driven documentaries, and as a wildlife cameraman filming animal behaviour. As well as shooting, he has also directed and produced a number of productions, including films for the BBC’s award winning series, The Natural World. As well as his work as a documentary Director of Photography (DoP), Robin has provided specialist high-speed cinematography on commercials, dramas and feature films, including work on the BBC’s award winning series Sherlock, the latest incarnation of Dr Who and commercials for Dyson and Guinness. Thanks to his previous career as an instructor in outdoor centres, both in the UK and abroad, Robin holds a number of professional qualifications allowing him to operate safely in extreme environments. These include teaching qualifications in climbing/ mountaineering, skiing, kayaking/canoeing, sailing and power boating. He also holds an IRATA Rope Access Certificate, and is a HSE Part 4 Media Diver, with many credits as an underwater cameraman. Robin is confident working with all current cameras and formats and has extensive experience working with the PHANTOM FLEX 4K and the SELEX MERLIN thermal imaging camera. Robin has also appeared in front of camera on a number of productions – The Secret Life of Cats, Wildlife In A War Zone, The One Show and Hugh’s Wild West & the BBC’s Autumn Watch. Whether he’s lighting an interview, instinctively reacting to actuality on the shoulder, or filming the rare Siberian tiger in Russia's far East, Robin thrives on the challenge of delivering high quality images, that can truly bring a story to life.
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