Ryan Deboodt

Ryan Deboodt

I’m a wildlife cinematographer based in the US and China. Originally starting with aerials over 10 years ago, I am now equally at home filming on the ground and in the air. While still providing specialised aerials including low light (moonlit) heavy lift and FPV with Sony and Red cameras, I am also well versed in long lens, camera trapping, gimbal, cable dolly, motorized slider, and low light. I am trained on the Shotover M1. Recent productions include HOME Africa for BBC NHU/National Geographic and Planet Earth III for BBC. I love working in remote and extreme environments that are both physically and mentally challenging. Having a technical background from studying computer science in university I am comfortable to diagnose and repair or improvise in the field when there is no other option. While having a home base in the USA, I have lived in China and Vietnam for 6 years and Tanzania for 5 years and am currently in the process of moving back to China.
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Ryan Deboodt - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

HOME Africa (BBC NHU for National Geographic)

Two sequences in very remote locations. Low light (moonlit) sequence as a heavy lift drone operator, long lens camera operator, and MoVI Pro operator. Forest sequence with Cognisys camera traps, heavy lift FPV, and cable cam.

Planet Earth III (BBC NHU)

Camera operator and drone operator for the Hang Son Doong sequence for the Extremes episode for Planet Earth III.

A Year on Planet Earth (Plimsoll)

Long lens camera operator and gimbal operator for the red-shanked douc langur sequence in Vietnam. Shoot included using a jib, Ronin 2, and long lens up to 600mm to create dynamic shots and sequences of primate behaviour.

skills list

Aerial, Animal Behaviour, Astronomy, Cable Dolly, Camera Traps, Canon Cameras, Digital Editing (Avid, Final Cut etc), Drone Operator, Expedition, Extreme Environments, Field Craft, First Aid Qualifications, Gimbal Filming (Ronin etc.), Hand Held Filming, Hide Work, Jib and Dolly, Long Lens, Low Light, Motion Control, Night Filming, Rock/Ice Climbing, Time Lapse, Remotely Operated Cameras, Red Cameras, Shotover and other heavy gimbal work, Sony Cameras, VFX Plate Shots, Working at Height
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