Sue Gibson

Sue Gibson

I’m a Bafta and Emmy nominated wildlife cinematographer. I predominantly film long lens behavioural sequences and have relevant experience shooting on Shotover/GSS, high-speed, handheld gimbals, motion-control timelapse, and camera traps. I also shoot sync and obs doc. I’ve had sequences broadcast on BBC, Apple, Netflix, Nat Geo, Disney, and Sky. Occasionally I can be found in front of the camera (BBC Animal Babies: First Year On Earth and Nat Geo’s Yellowstone Live). I gained an IRATA level 1 qualification in 2022, which enabled me to shimmy up to a 35 metre tree platform to film red howlers in Peru. I’ve filmed from boats, in extreme temperatures, and at altitude. Happiest with a good view, awesome behaviour, and plenty of snacks 😉
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Sue Gibson - wildlife cinematographer

selected work

Earthsounds: Amazon (Apple)

Red howler monkeys communication sequence, long lens canopy filming.

Predators: Cheetah (Sky/Netflix)

Shooting on Shotover, following the exploits of two male cheetahs in the Serengeti, Tanzania (Bafta nominated)

Tiny World: Islands (Apple)

Bee hummingbird sequence, filmed in Cuba. Long lens and high-speed behavioural sequence about the world’s tiniest bird. (Bafta nominated)

skills list

Animal Behaviour, Camera Traps, Gimbal Filming (Ronin etc.), IRATA Rope Access Qualifications, Long Lens, Macro Studio, Macro Location, Observational Documentary, Set Building, Shotover and other heavy gimbal work, Sync and Crew Filming, Thermal Imaging
contact - Sue Gibson
cell: +44 7814926988