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Worked with Tim Shepherd (Natural History Time-Lapse - BBC & others), over two contracts - 6 month contract & invited back for a 4 month project completed in June 2016. Experienced using Nikon camera models including the D800, D7100 and earlier models. - Blackmagic production camera 4K - 3D equipment such as the Genus Hurricane mirror rig and parallel sliders. - Composing shots and completing time-lapses (Ice Crystal Growth, Slime Mold movement). - Flash guns and other external camera flashes. - Changing lens and cleaning camera equipment including the cameras sensor. - Building film sets (Rain forest sets, Frost growth sets, Epiphytes tree branch sets). - Filming fore ground shots on blue-screen, with lighting and movement required to match a back-plate. - Setting up and operating cranes and Time-Lapse dollies. In this last contract Tim left me to work alone once a week to manage multiple active timelapses - checking shots were running smoothly and changing memory cards - along with setting up new shots and building new sets so we could keep ahead of schedule. In the contract before, I worked in the studio for a month alone finishing up some shots of ice crystals growing for the BBC film Enchanted Kingdoms.
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